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President Biden and China President on National Security


With President Joseph Biden, Jr. in position as the new president, Biden has begun implementing strategic plans to improve national security infrastructure.

Concerns of National Security and Foreign Trade with China

Concerns of National Security and Foreig

The U.S. Department of Commerce expresses that dealing with
U.S. economic prosperity and security issues, can be a daunting task when dealing with competitors and adversaries who engage in illegal trade

Understanding China's Intelligence and Cyber Threat

Chinese SPy looking into America.png

As the United States starts to look away from counterterrorism efforts in the Middle East. China took advantage to counter its rivals. 

Myanmar Coup and US Relations


Analyses on the Myanmar Coup and the United States Response.

National Security Cybersecurity Public Policy Concerns in East Asia

National Security Cybersecurity Policy C

Analyses on the Cybersecurity public policy strategies in East Asia.