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Improving Ukraine Cybersecurity Policy Defense

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Ukraine has public ‘access’ knowledge of Russia’s weak
cybersecurity personnel infrastructure. Furthermore, Ukraine also has public access knowledge that “Russia’s technological achievements are likely to be limited in select areas due to political corruption and a lack of human capital, monetary capital and innovation

Russian Cyber Warfare Tactics: Lessons Learned from the Attack on Estonia in 2007

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The Russian Federation (Russia) has established a well-earned reputation for cyber warfare tactics. Their ability to sow division and increase tensions within other nations through disinformation campaigns and by being able to deny credibility has been shown time and time again

Ukraine Cyber Security Posture and known Vulnerabilities Russia could Exploit

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Ukraine’s public and private sector computer information system vulnerabilities face potential exploitation. The culprit allegedly seeking to exploit Ukraine’s computer information systems is Russia.

Challenging Global Perceptions of the United States

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Throughout the Cold War, the Soviet Union conducted multiple covert disinformation campaigns against the United States. Forgeries are an ideal form of covert action against an enemy because these operations are simple and cost-effective

Destabilization in the Central African Republic

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An analysis concerning Russian mining interests

Russian Bounties Moscow’s Relationship with the Taliban and Network Analysis


The Russian bounty program range from skepticism to extreme
offense despite reports that the top intelligence agencies have not achieved consensus regarding the potential threat.

The Looking Mirror Why Russia Blames the United States for Meddling in its Domestic Politics


Russia and the United States has been contending with each other on the international stage, and the political atmosphere during Trump’s presidency was saturated with the suspicions of
Russian involvement.

Russian Activities in Outer Space

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Russia's space operations to prove it has the capability to challenge American space dominance.

Russian Complicity in the
Poisoning of Alexei Navalny

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Analyses of the poisoning of a prominent anti-corruption advocate and fierce critic of Russia.